nyc mayor’s office of veterans affairs

on 19jan12, lizzy and i had the honor and privileged to attend the mova job fair.

  • lizzy, my service dog, and i attended the nyc veterans job fair. we had a good experience, anixiety high levels, many veterans looking for work.
  • i assisted ECAD’s. educated canines assisting with disabilities. did some networking for our brooklyn veterans who were not able to join the event.
  • lizzy did a good job taking care of me.
  • the stress and anixety, it took Ms Barbara to tell me to take a walk.
  • i had the honor of meeting Professor, Dr Sharpiro, a frum yid from Touro College towards the end of the day. he developed a MBA degree specializing in leadership, innovation, and sustainability. he took from the best of the best business colleges for this program.
  • spoke to Dr Sharpiro about the role of NCO’s [non commission officers], how the military make us leaders and this MBA degree takes it a step further.
  • how to properly channel those military leadership skills into real world applications towards executive positions.
  • a big, big thank you goes out to Barbara Jenkel and ECAD’s Project HEAL, paul and charlie [they did an outstanding job promoting service dogs]
  • we are both ready for bed. lizzy’s been sleeping since 6pm. she really did good today,

proud of the hard work keeping me in line and focus on the mission…love yah…..


what are your thoughts, thank you:

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