funny thing happen doing laundry

  • this morning lizzy and i went to our local laundromat, yes it was time. once again.
  • we were walking on montgomery towards kingston so lizzy can do her business as the laundry was doing it’s business.
  • met a frum yid, who is usually in her car, she introduce herself, forgot her name already. another reason why i started this blog.
  • anyway, she was telling me they trained puppies until one year’s old for the guide foundation in nj years ago.
  • as we were chatting lizzy broke from her sit/stay. once for a person with a carriage and the second time for a dog.
  • real proud of her. she went to a sit/stay after i gave her the command.
  • the woman was impressed and mention to me we are still new/young at this.
  • she asked what ECAD stood for. as she was moving around lizzy trying to read her vest while her friend is saying ”…your scaring the dog…”
  • after my deployment as a frum [religious] lady, coming back with combat disabilities and readjusting has been challenging, i told her.
  • i can only control my small world – lizzy and i – not knowing who is afraid or allergic.
  • she asked me how has it been at the local kosher restaurants. been hard. most kosher establishments she says need ” on what a service dog is…”.
  • it was a pleasure to meet her and next time get the courage to ask her name….

what are your thoughts, thank you:

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