random acts of kindness

  • are random acts of kindness really random or is it predetermined by Hashem/g-d
  • as lizzy and i were on the subway this morning, a young lady opposite us was smiling.
  • than lizzy decided to rest her head on my feet, the young lady smiled again
  • i mention to her, lizzy keeps my feet warm, got a chuckle with that one, lizzy knows my feet hurt and they were cold.
  • handed her a ECAD bookmark. we got to chatting about my deployment and how lizzy helps me with my various disabilities
  • it is amazing how many smiles lizzy gets from our veterans.
  • so many want to touch her, i try to explain she is a service dog
  • the ECAD bookmarks are wonderful, thanks Barbara for restocking my backpack….

what are your thoughts, thank you:

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