do i have quick thinking ?

  1. indeed, good question !
  2. did a little shopping at the local grocery store,
  3. lizzy and i practiced the commands, sit, stay, pull right/left, leave it, and watch me,
  4. just my mazal, could not understand why lizzy did not want to sit,
  5. there was a dog with owner, outside the exit doors,
  6. once i realized what is happening, think, think,  what to do now? !
  7. so much for quick thinking, slow as molasses,
  8. treat in hand, had lizzy watch me as we exit,
  9. lizzy and i, exited the door and moved towards the left
  10. so much for the treat, she swallowed it with out chewing, thank goodness it was not so big.
  11. next time, need to break the pieces bigger so she can chew as we are working the command/task.
  12. good job lizzy, woof, woof ! !

what are your thoughts, thank you:

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