hide and find

lizzy and i practiced a new task this afternoon
she had to find me !
placed her in a sit, down position,
i walked away from her, not too far, maybe 10 feet,
towards the apartment building,
which has a brick wall, called her.
atta girl lizzy, you can do it and she did !
lizzy picked up her leash and walked to me.
gave her a treat and a big hug.
we tried it inside the lobby of the apt.
a neighbor standing watching.
all of a sudden, lizzy becomes shy. she would not come
went towards her for correction, than she decided to pick up the leash
placed her in a sit and down position.
walked away, this time she came.
not running, but leash in mouth.
gave a treat, hug, and good girl praise.
slowly but surely we will get there.
all this stress and hard work
lizzy is taking a pre shabbat nap !


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