lizzy goes vino

  • lizzy did well at the wine store this morning,
  • i try to go when it is not so busy,
  • we also did a mitzvah/good deed,
  • the owner’s grandson’s birthday is today,
  • lizzy and i went over to visit the boy.
  • he was so excited.
  • back at the wine store, my mazal,
  • started getting crowded,
  • lizzy is drooling,
  • me getting anxious.
  • finally got my 12 bottles of vino for the holiday,
  • my mazal, 2 of them are from 2007,
  • the year my niece was born…..
  • the person delivering the box is active army,
  • he is with the 1st calvary unit going to Afghanistan,

what are your thoughts, thank you:

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