busy day for a service dog

  • lizzy and i practiced our commands today,
  • modified recall 3 times, still need work on this,
  • spent about 30 minutes at petco,
  • could not decide what style collar to buy,
  • than which collar, ohay vhay,
  • than about 1 hour at marine park,
  • so many dogs, on and off their leads…
  • up to the challenge… sure !
  • lizzy had her dinner at the park practicing:
  • come, stay, sit, down, recall, quiet…
  • thinking lizzy will sleep well tonight,
  • with all the running she did,
  • off lead, lizzy decides to run towards two different dogs,
  • not just once, but 3 times, ohay, vhay…
  • she is a good runner,
  • though the problem is the coming back,
  • lizzy finally cames back,
  • did not reward her because lizzy did not come on the first call,
  • practice, practice and more practice….lol

what are your thoughts, thank you:

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