breakfast on the go

lizzy had her breakfast outside, yes again,

practicing the ”watch me” command

several recalls, off leash

went to eastern parkway, much more busier at 730 am,

did not think about that earlier in the week,

with the intermittent days of pesach, kingston ave is quiet,

lizzy spotted a tiny dog, 40 feet opposite side of the road,

looking at me, gave her some food, yes, good girl…

place her in a sit position, for a few minutes

continue the watch me command.

than we walked at heel and the watch me command,

she really wanted to go towards the dog,

next, i got her in a down position for a recall.

just my mazal, she comes, and appears distracted after i gave her some food,

there was a dog behind me, good job lizzy, leash back on,

continue our walking and watch me command.

happy that lizzy is doing a great job….hooraah ! !


what are your thoughts, thank you:

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