service dog and a crime scene

  • according to the nyc department of parks,
  • a dog run is located about 15 minutes from the apt.
  • Lincoln Terrace Park, Address: Eastern Parkway between Buffalo and Rochester avenues
  • after walking to the park in 85 plus degree weather, in the shade,
  • no dog run, the park office staff stated they did not have one for over 10 years,
  • i can take her to the ball field or to the soccer field,
  • we went to the soccer field,
  • removed her vest and did lizzy run, zoooooom !
  • than i hear a police officer telling me to get the dog on the leash,
  • once i secured lizzy, went over to them to explain i got permission,
  • found out there was a crime scene taped off,
  • was wondering why the police was there and 4 cans in square,
  • well, at least lizzy had a good 1 minute run.

what are your thoughts, thank you:

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