busy day for a service dog

  1. lizzy and i had a busy day today
  2. first, went to visit wounded warrior project near penn station,
  3. good to catch up with nancy and maggie,
  4. took lizzy’s harness off, this she knows it is play time,
  5. next, off to skaffles, they are the makers of pet care products,
  6. lizzy had a blast, checking out all the neat toys,
  7. she managed to get herself a snack,
  8. they have a dog bowl with food in it.
  9. lizzy left a few kibbles by the time i found out,
  10. than off to the vamc ny, drop off some paperwork,
  11. finally, lizzy gets to go to a dog run,
  12. union square and 15th…
  13. not too many dogs today, maybe next time lizzy….

2 thoughts on “busy day for a service dog

  1. I love your method of blogging. It’s fun and efficient. I’m going to look into a way of condensing my thoughts! My babies love Pet Head. We’re going to head to Skaffles. Thanks for sharing the site’s link!

    • thanks, glad you enjoy the blog, i learned from my college days, to keep the speeches short and to the point, and i applied that to the military as well. your welcome, and keep smiling..

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