shopping time with a service dog

  • lizzy and i made our trek to the local supermarket this morning,
  • lately, after lizzy and i have been in the store, shop, office, etc… for some time,
  • someone comes over and says, ” miss, pets are not allowed in here.”
  • i explain lizzy is a service dog,
  • what is a service dog, they ask, i explain,
  • than they ask about my disability, which is against the law,
  • can ask what task the service dog performs,
  • sure, picking up dropped items,
  • i show them my ECAD id card,
  • we are protected by the ADA and DOJ, and we can not be asked to leave,
  • thank goodness i wear the id card today,
  • some days, i get tired, exhausted, and frustrated…
  • with so many of us wounded warriors coming back from Afghanistan and Iraq,
  • we need to educate the public,
  • there is not enough awareness….
  • anyway, this combat yid and her service dog is going to take a nap….

2 thoughts on “shopping time with a service dog

  1. So many people don’t know! I’m glad you educated them. It’s frustrating that most of the time education can only come one person at a time, but it’s good to at least do that.

    • so very true, it is amazing how we have all this technology and all comes down to in person, i try to keep my cool and stay calm. that morning i gave a little girl a book mark from ECAD’s. anyway, thank you for your encouraging words…

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