a time for grooming

  • today i did lizzy’s grooming in two parts,
  • this morning i did the furminator,
  • i take her outside into the apartment’s courtyard,
  • it is truly amazing how much undercoat hair comes off,
  • part two was this evening, [teeth, ears, nails]
  • brush her teeth, first she licks the tube,
  • than the brush, i mention good girl,
  • finally the ultimate, brushing the teeth,
  • i can tell she does not like her ears cleaned,
  • need to come up with another way of making it enjoyable,
  • in the past, she has ear infections,
  • getting her to rest her head on my shoulder helps somewhat,
  • next is the big challenge, the nails,
  • i use my mag light from my deployment, has an adjustable light, fine tune it,
  • pencil mark the cut, not to clip the quik [not to bleed]
  • after each paw, i give a smile, hug, and good girl,
  • when i got to her rear paws, she was leaning against the back of the chair,
  • sitting so nice and pretty, slowly trusting me to do her nails….
  • now she is resting on the floor, next to me….

what are your thoughts, thank you:

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