service dog takes combat yid on a stroll

after a morning at the chelsea piers dog park,

which by the way, she had a good time.

lizzy trying to be the top dog.

sorry folks, forgot to bring the camera, next time, maybe i will remember,

we make our way back to brooklyn, mind you it is about 100 degrees,

lizzy takes a hard earned nap for about 1 hour.

time to have supper,

after we both eat, lizzy wants to go for a walk,

i wanted to go just around the block,

by 5p still hot, 96 degrees,

lizzy has other plans of her own,

she decides to take me on a stroll of crown heights.

lizzy took a couple of bathroom breaks along the way,

she drank lots of water and treats at the dog run today,

from the pool and metal bowl…

tried to encourage the metal bowl. lol…

now she is resting….have a good night y’all….


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