adventures of a service dog

  • hi all, since my owner, leslie, is having her supper
  • i will share our adventures,
  • started about 9am going to the brooklyn vamc, located in the bayridge section of brooklyn,
  • she has a n 11am dr appt.
  • afterwards,  my combat yid, takes me for a quick walk outside,
  • bathroom break and than some water,
  • back inside, i rest by her feet.
  • as she is preparing 4 welcome bags,
  • these bags are for ECAD’s new graduating service dog team class.
  • hoorah, woof, we are going to ECAD’s, my old stumping grounds.
  • this is where i spent over one year learning my commands to be a service dog.
  • finally got to the training center, and here comes yoda, a black and white great dane.
  • i see carrie, phil, lu, dale, penolpe, rachel, adam, lia. lee, heather, sarah and the new puppy litter from shilo.
  • my combat yid, leslie, took my harness off…release command is given,
  • billy the new graduate and i played.
  • he tried to catch me…than i had an enough playtime.
  • so happy to see my extended family, old, new , and future….
  • by the time we got home, we missed the 820pm train from dobbs ferry to grand central.
  • neither one of us heard the train horn and the train stopped in the middle of the platform.
  • we wondered for 45 minutes, took two bathroom breaks, all the water and running around will do that to me.
  • 920p finally got the train..back to the city.
  • than 3 more subway trains into crown heights.
  • tired, tired, and tired…good night.

2 thoughts on “adventures of a service dog

  1. Lizzy, I enjoyed reading about your day. Sounds like it was a wonderful one. We also missed an LIRR train once and had to wait an hour. Will you be sharing the blog with Leslie again in the future?

    • sorry to read you all missed the lirr train. there is a reason why things happen, learning that from leslie/combat yid. i like your idea to share the blog, relieve some of the pressure… leslie is going to take me out for a quick walk and grooming. rains, coming our way…shabbat shalom.

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