a mitzvah dog and a combat yid

after lizzy had her supper around 445pm,

here comes lizzy flinging her leash,

asked her to go get her harness,

once she was saddled up,

lizzy wanted to chew on her soup bone,

so i waited, really checking emails, etc..

finally close to 530pm,

lizzy takes me on a walk of crown heights.

we meet people who ask questions about lizzy,

being a service dog, and i in the retired army,

a mother tells me her boy rarely talks to people,

thanking me, because he is asking all kinds of questions,

the mother said this dog is a mitzvah dog, she does good deeds,

soon it will be shabbas for us, lighting candles at or before 7:42 brooklyn time,

may you all have a peaceful shabbat…


what are your thoughts, thank you:

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