service dog surveys crown heights

  • lizzy and i strolling the streets of crown heights.
  • almost every street has a tree snapped in half.
  • seen one nyc rubbish truck driving on kingston ave,
  • right past a tree in the street, so much for cleaning up,
  • main thing, we are safe…
  • lizzy once again wants to run,
  • this time on kingston ave, at carroll street.
  • apt building with an enclosed brick wall area,
  • lizzy runs for about 2 minutes,
  • now that she had her walk, run, towel dry…
  • we got rained on several times,
  • belly is filled with breakfast,
  • lizzy is taking a nap.
  • time for me to get my act together…
  • chat later, be careful and safe.

2 thoughts on “service dog surveys crown heights

  1. You were on Kingston and Carroll, 2 blocks from our house (On New York Ave., near Carroll). Haven’t been out yet today, and don’t know when I can return to work: schools closed, and no subway until who knows when. On lighter side (literally), the sun has come out a number of times!! Enjoy and be safe.

    • wow, i rarely go on your side of the neighbourhood, maybe because i am on albany and montgomery. get out and enjoy the day

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