i find trouble or trouble finds me

  • so much for our quiet and uneventful walk.
  • dont understand people,
  • minding my own business,
  • when an older woman yells at me,
  • why, because lizzy is sitting on the front grass,
  • 2 houses down.
  • i really need to try to walk away….
  • so hard, there is a deep desire to defend myself and lizzy.
  • is that wrong of me??
  • i was shocked to hear her speaking that way, especially from an older person. and i said so, there is a nicer way to speak.
  • lizzy takes it in good strides, she stands there blocking….
  • something to work on myself…

5 thoughts on “i find trouble or trouble finds me

  1. be gentle with yourself–everyone’s been stressed pretty bad by Sandy and all the disruption, including you. Hugs and best thoughts to you and Lizzy both

    • thanks, i hear yah, unfortunately it is been happening for awhile now. thanks for the good words and the hugs. will try not to be so hard on myself. today was a better day. hugs…

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