something i realized

  1. it is amazing what comes to my mind
  2. especially during those sleepiness nights and mornings,
  3. i laying in bed, lizzy at my side near my feet, random thoughts racing threw my tiny brain.
  4. considering we only use a small percentage of our brains, anyway, sorry for the side step,
  5. when was lizzy under the dining room table this past monday.
  6. almost the entire day was spent there, unless we went out for laundry, food, business breaks,
  7. thinking it was because her towels/blankets were drying.
  8. no, that was not it. talking about slow to react,
  9. it was the impending storm. she knew, why it took me this long to figure it. only Hashem knows the answer,
  10. need to be more in tuned to her and less time on the computer.
  11. with this happy note, will chat later.

2 thoughts on “something i realized

  1. Leslie,
    Reading your service dog’s reactions to things other than their trained responses, just takes time.
    Also, you both were in an extraordinary situation with Hurricane Sandy, I suspect for any storms that have massive pressure changes, you’ll see similar reactions from her.
    The fact that you went about daily routines, probably helped keep her settled despite there being something bothering her.
    It’s part of the trust, one of the special bonds between us and our service dogs, we rely on and respond to each other for support when things aren’t or don’t feel right.
    I’m glad that you and Izzy have this between you, a true companionship, what a blessing!
    Buster is the same way, but I didn’t read all his responses to things like storms so much the first couple of years either, now that we’ve been together 9 1/2 years, I’m a little better at it!
    if there is impending bad weather issues, he won’t leave my side for nothing,
    He’ll be at my heels under my chair if I’m on the computer instead of at the window next to the desk or his nap corner behind me with blankets and toys..
    If I’m sitting in a comfortable chair, he’s up with me & trying to burrow under my shirt or if I’m using one, a lap blanket.
    He doesn’t much like bad weather!
    I wish you both well on this Sabbath day,
    your friend, Steph

    • thanks stephanie, i appreciate the wonderful insight and support. your kind words are a comfort, lizzy and i send warm hugs your way…

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