special treat for a service dog

  • today was an adventure into nyc,
  • first started with the subway,
  • impressed that ny city subways and buses are operational so quickly,
  • considering the amount of clean up and repairs, that is still on going, amazing.
  • visited the wwp, wounded warrior project office in nyc, good to see dear friends,
  • next was lunch at mr broadways, wow, did they have a makeover, stunning,
  • special treat, took lizzy to a dog run, 86 st and 1st ave,
  • she had a blast of a time, though i will need to find another dog run,
  • could not believe it, lizzy got bit, shocked, what is weird, she did not yelp, or whine,
  • sitting next to me, divine providence, is a vet dr. from the upper west side, she looked at it,
  • confirmed it is a puncture, advised me to look her over for any more, thinking it was an Australian Shepard canine,,
  • the dr also told me to use peroxide,
  • finally got back to the apartment around 730p, took over 2 hours, my mazal, there was an incident at atlantic subway station,
  • decided it was time to give lizzy a bath, she really does not like the bath tub, nor getting wet, so much for a water dog,
  • once she was in the tub, gave her praises, atta girl lizzy, i know you can do it.
  • lizzy shocked me by jumping out of the tub, this is not your normal standard bathtub, this if from the 1940’s.
  • now lizzy is sleeping well, feel bad that i will be waking her up her in a few minutes for our walk before calling it a night.

2 thoughts on “special treat for a service dog

  1. Oh wow, that’s awful about Lizzy getting attacked & bit! I wonder if she jumped out because the water or suds stung where she got bit? Glad you otherwise had a good day! I was at the VA all day, funny thing happened while Buster & I were in the waiting area … another patient with her doberman service dog came in … she stopped to look at something, her SD saw Buster on my lap (I was in my wheelchair) … and trotted over to check Buster out! The leash handle was tied off to the back of the harness so her SD just walked by her side … Everyone looked very shocked, the woman was oblivious until we got her attention! Then she got flustered … and her dog wouldn’t respond to her call back! She had to come get her & drag her away from Buster & her SD FOUGHT her all the way across the room & out trying to get back to Buster! Never saw anything like it before! Buster sat quietly through the entire event, though his head did swivel around keeping an eye on the other dog! I was so proud of him for being so serene throughout! Hope your new day goes well & Lizzy has no ill effects from her dog park misadventure.

    • hi stephanine, all is okay with lizzy and i, what i was trying to say, which was not very clear, was that when i stepped away from her, that is when she jumped out of the tub, we were finish with the water, etc..time for towel drying. which by the way she really enjoys.,

      wow, what an exciting time you and buster had at the va, must have be hard to see the challenges the other vet and sd had.

      ecad trainer told me about year ago, to make sure lizzy gets some off time, remove her vest / harness, let her release, run for several minutes, their brains are working 24/7, it helps with the bonding and trusting.

      need to find another park that has grass or something different, a mother and her daughter told me about a park at madsion on the east side of nyc.

      thanks for checking in with me, i appreciate it.

      chat later…

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