Getting Ready for Hurricane Sandy

Help On Four Legs


East Coasters! You’re in for quite the storm! For those of you with pups closer to the action, I just read an awesome tip on Facebook from my CCI pal Nancy.

In your go bag, don’t forget your pup’s meds and Muttlucks/booties (in case you have to cross any floodwater that may have sharp debris in it). May also want to consider a break away flat collar (e.g., the KeepSafe Break-Away Flat Collar) that will free your dog in case he gets caught on something and can’t free himself.

In addition, I’d suggest these items:

– At least a week’s worth of food
– Quick Stop powder
– Identification
– A current photo, in case you become separated
– Important vet records
– Phone numbers for emergency vets

My hope is that none of you are forced to evacuate, but in the case that you are, be safe!

Do you…

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