just my mazal

as lizzy, my service dog, and i are taking our morning walk,

we encounter not one, but 3 dogs. no where to turn,

one behind me, two in front. granted these two going in opposite directions. still has lizzy’s attention.

? what to do, oy vay !

command decision, we visited with magic, a small white, fluffy male dog.

they have already be introduce a couple of days prior. all this with out treats.

lizzy did great, she did though wanted to play so much.

time for breakfast…enjoy your day…


2 thoughts on “just my mazal

    • yes she can be, we are a work in progress,
      i try to bring treats with me for those special moments, there will be times, ie shabbas, yom tovim, when treats will not be available. thank you, and you do the same, sorry a few days late. take care L/L

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