amtrak k-9 meets service dog

once we entered penn station via the #3 subway line, lizzy nose went up into the air.

sniffing, sniffing, and more sniffing. i mention to her, amtrak k-9’s on location.

sure enough, there was at least 3 amtrak k-9 vehicles parked outside, needed to take lizzy for a bathroom break before boarding the train.

thank goodness i filled up lizzy’s treat pouch. finding and learning that as long as i attempt to remain calm, work with the commands, lizzy responds well.

i got my amtrak rewards number loaded onto the ticket and printed a new one.  during this process, lizzy and i spot a black lab on duty. it is interesting, their pups don’t where vest,

the pup does have a badge on his collar. side tracked, oops.

the officer mentioned to me to go to track 5/6 east, 95% of the time the train departs from there.

we chatted and he mentioned, lizzy is one of the most well behaved dogs he has seen recently. thanks to ECADs.



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