a service dog holding her own leash

been challenging lizzy these past couple of days,

having her hold her own leash, walking in the heal position,

meaning, she is on my left side.

funny thing is, she is learning treats can come from the right pocket.

when i glance over to my left, sometimes she is on my right, i correct her to be on my left / heal side.

looking up towards me for a treat, nose bumping my hand several times,

so hard not to give in. but i do give the treat to her, in a sit, give leash, position/command.

we walked from the apt towards eastern parkway, 5 short blocks, than down kingston ave, another 5 short blocks,

once we were on montgomery st, heading towards the apt, decided that was enough training, takes alot out of both of us.

lizzy did really great. happy for her. i knew she would be up to the challenge.


what are your thoughts, thank you:

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