another day of working off leash

been practicing with lizzy off leash. i should rephrase this, she holds the leash as we are strolling the main street here in crown heights.

cold, windy, lizzy wants to go for a long walk…off we go to kingston ave.

by the time we got to eastern parkway, the treats are almost gone.

keeping the carrot for special treat, when her focus in another dog.

lizzy and i are making progress in our off leash.

in a nutshell this is what we do.

  • lizzy gets and holds leash
  • we walk
  • lizzy is in heal position.
  • remind her to stay in heal.
  • she has figured out the treats can come from the side–right
  • i stop, she sits.
  • lizzy gives leash, i give treat and praise.
  • we repeat this the entire 5 short blocks.
  • there are times i just reward with praise.

nap time….


2 thoughts on “another day of working off leash

  1. Years ago, I had a Saint Bernard who could do what you are describing you are teaching Lizzy to do. Bravo to both of you. I have never taught any of my other dogs to do the obedience things she learned. I regret that. They so enjoy the attention and the actual doing of these activities.

    • thanks, much appreciated, sorry for the delay, been on a holiday…still a work in progress. been challenging here in brooklyn, lizzy and i are up to the work at hand. no regrets, please, sure they enjoyed their time with you. each dog to their own. take care.

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