time to vent !

twice in one day  people in my neighborhood gave me issues,

just my mazal-

first,..one walked up from behind, called out to me,

may fault, should have not turned around since the person did not call me by name,

hint hint for next time

told me the children are afraid of the dog, now mind you, they came from behind,

the last time i checked, dont have eyes behind my head nor did Hashem make me a Novi/prophet,

why in the world put oneself in the position, do they expect me to move just because they are afraid,

the world was created for us to make a dwelling place for Hashem, not to treat people like their personal servants.

i am one person with a dog, trying to keep my little world quiet, and i allow them to bother me…ugh..ugh..

told the person i am doing the best i can, they are only re-enforcing their behavior, afraid of a dog instead of Hashem.

to top this. a car was blocking the cross walk, making it dangerous to go around,

i tapped on the rear door, mentioned they are blocking the cross walk,

making it dangerous for them and for those of us walking.

more concerned if i dented the suv, lexus. answering jokingly, yes, and continue walking,

person gets out and say ‘…walking away from a accident is a crime…”

turned around. “…illegal to block the intersection..”

the person is addiment about where i dent the suv, how was i going to dent the suv with a knuckle

joking…walked away..

wanted to know where. obvious, the person could not find it.

oblivious to the scene they were making, feel sorry for the children.

Hashem gave the Torah on the condition of our children, what kind of example are we showing them.

my fault again, one would think i learned my lesson from the morning.

walked away…. said, call the police…have a nice day…

to entertain these individuals is stupid on my part,.

really challenging not to react, my va doc wants me to count first, than react.

lizzy does her job, gets me to keep walking. atta girl lizzy, she knows better


2 thoughts on “time to vent !

  1. You wonder what some people’s priorities are, and about their seichel. Your attitude is spot-on. This world and everything in it belongs to Hashem. It takes superhuman strength to simply walk away from a situation. You deserve credit for handling it with humor. No one is responsible for the actions of others, only how we react to them. You passed.

    • so true, what does go own in their seichel. some days my attitude needs adjusting. we are the keepers of all Hashem gives us. been working on walking away, some days it works, and some not. one day, when Moshiach comes, be able to sit and learn the entire day, not worry about going out and what trouble i am going to get into. thank goodness for lizzy, i was so angry when i got back to the apt, looking at lizzy, staring at me, she has no clue what to do, i finally calm down, and patted her head, are we not suppose to help those making sins…work in progress not to react and realize how much energy goes into something so stupid. thank you for listening, and the words of encouragement. much appreciated. perl

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