service dog team challenges

it has been almost 1 and 1/2 years now that lizzy and i are a service dog team, one would think by now the people in my neighborhood would know now and accept me and my service dog for who we are, still find it troubling living here in crown heights brooklyn, the lack of kindness, disrespect, etc… the list can go on. my ptsd doc wants to know what is happening and why i go run off to fla to hide. one day will invite my ptsd doc come join us for a day in the life of a frum, orthodox jew, and combat soldier with her service dog. it is hard to ignore the negative comments, the dirty looks, the staring….been working on myself to turn off my hearing and seeing. some days it works. most days not. i try to be considerate and respectful, thinking i am asking too much from people for the same in return.


10 thoughts on “service dog team challenges

    • in my community, being part of the 5 bourghs of nyc, fast fast and more fast. yes, i am shocked and surprised. there are several reason, many of the jewish people are afraid of dogs, years ago, a pack of about 3 or 4 dogs was wild here in the community. another reason, dogs are considered not kosher and people dont want to know from them, sad but true. that is one reason why i run away to fla.

  1. Kim here – Some people just don’t understand – or misunderstand. I have a few different physical disabilities but as of yet I don’t require a servicee dog. If I ever do I know people will be understanding because they can see my disabilities. Some people still don’t understand PTSD – I happen to work at a veteran’s hospital – the same one my mom did; my dad was a veteran and my brother is – there was never a time in my life I was not exposed to the woes of war. Plus I am a dog-lover and owner. I know the benefits of the human-animal bond. I see it everytime my dog and I visit a nursing home. As I said earlier, people don’t understand PTSD and what they don’t understand – sometimes it scares them (even tho they would not admit it.
    Mom Kim

    • thanks mom kim, i also have partial torn ligaments in my ankles, and other joint issues, ”hidden” lizzy is a blessing for me, since becoming a team, have not fallen. thank you for your service in working at the va. i find that living here in the big city since my return from combat is difficult. things bother me when they did not before. much appreciate your supportive words. may you feel better.

  2. So sorry to hear that people are treating you that way. PTSD is so hard. If people could see how it feels everyday, they could not stand to look at it. Glad you are able to get away to Florida sometimes and just be yourself!!

    • thanks, much appreciate for your understanding and comforting words. ptsd is hard, difficult, and challenging when combined with physical injuries. i agree, if people know how it feels, maybe their attitudes will be different. take care and be well.

  3. Leslie, it truly saddens me to hear your home area isn’t always accepting of you & Lizzy. What a shame. As your sister vet with PTSD I know how much harder it is when an area that’s supposed to be your ‘safe zone’ … sometimes doesn’t feel that way. I’m glad Lizzy is there for you. I will pray for you and your neighbors, for your strength, and their understanding. ~hugs~ from your sister vet & Buster sends a ‘woof’ to Lizzy.

    • thanks Stephanie and buster, appreciate the support and comforting words.
      all i can do is really focus on my little world with lizzy.
      that is way i go to fla, an escape
      how are things with you?

  4. Leslie, as a frum resident of Crown Heights, I am disturbed, saddened, and angered by peoples’ ignorant attitudes. I applaud you for your courage and emunah in facing a world so full of challenges. We are dealing with our own difficulties, which makes me appreciate all the more your dealing with the nisyonos Hashem has sent your way. May Hashem continue to give you the strength to combat the negative forces surrounding us all. This month of simcha should hold much good for you.

    • thank you for the kind words and the encouragement to face the many challenges hashem guves ne. please dont be upset. learning it is there issues and they must deal with it…may we all be blessed with only simchas and nachas…

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