my combat yid is sick

good day y’ll, it is lizzy, service dog to my handler, she is sick today. i will be taking over the comment post today. here goes:

we spent some quality cuddle time this morning, do not think she rested much, the sneezing and coughing…ugh.

when we return from our walks for a business break, this mean, bathroom time, as we approach the steps for the apt, lately i been plunking myself down on my tushie, not moving,

this is a signal for my combat yid, i am not finish, need to go out again. she is a trooper. we turn around,

out again we go, even today as she is not feeling well, but when nature calls, gotta go.

tomorrow going to the local va medical center for her weekly ptsd session, i hope she goes to see an urgent care doc.

the cough sounds like bronchitis. a speedy recovery….


7 thoughts on “my combat yid is sick

  1. Hi. Sorry to hear you’re sick. I know what you mean about looks from people. I am training my service dog as you know. Walked her around the neighborhood, and got threatened, and screamed at. I usually take her up in the woods to walk now. I pick up after her, and don’t let her on others property, but people have no tolerance. Yet, others smile and wave. Don’t let the bad ones get you down.

    • much appreciated sally, sorry to read you also have issues in your neighborhood. dont let them win the battle, you and your sd have all the right to be there and they dont like it, shame on them, you and your sd is a team and need to be socialized in the public. hang in there and thanks..take care…

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