practice get, hold, stay, & give

as my handler, combat yid, mommy is getting over being sick, going to attempt give a summary from the past couple of days of practice.

once i get my vest and leash on, my handler proceeds to layer herself with 2 jackets and a down coat.

she gives me the command, get your leash. i take the entire 5 second rule to get it.

than we walk out the front door, i hold the leash as if it is a wet pasta noodle,

plunk my tushie down, here comes the stay part, waiting for a long time, well seems like a long time, with this leash hanging from ones mouth,

as she zips, hoods, and buttons up.

finally, hoooraaaah, i can give her the leash, wow, takes her long enough to saddle up….

at the beginning of this practice, i would get a treat. now only sometimes, i do get lots of praise and love..

chat later.



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