wind, pizza box & a service dog

? what does all three have in common.

first, today has been one of those windy days, chicago winds,

second, chatting with a friend, all of a sudden, really divine providence, here comes an empty pizza box.

third, lizzy, decides she wants to pick it up for me, why? she is a retriever.

[lately she wants to carry what is in my hand]

here comes the fun part, i take it from her, praise, good girl,

as i am holding it, she wants to take it from me, after a couple times of this, had to channel this activity into something productive.

lizzy trying hard as she can takes this huge pizza box to the rubbish bin, here she is trotting with this box, head up high, not to fumble and drop it.

a friend walking past us comments, how cute, need pictures. sorry folks, did not have my mobile phone with me.


4 thoughts on “wind, pizza box & a service dog

    • yes, she is a good dog, i am very lucky to have her. some days can be challenging. dont want to spend the entire time walking and her picking up trash. i hear yeah….

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