a service dog listening ?

lizzy and i went for our usual morning business [bathroom] walk. dont know if she is so distracted because she needs to do her business or the sounds, sights..

i read some time ago, a service dog when they reach their 3 year of official training,

something changes and they almost stop listening to the point that they are actually testing the handlers.

will need a pencil and paper to figure this one out.

now she is resting with a full tummy of food.

have a good day.

may not say it, i appreciate your visits and comments to my blog. thank you….


2 thoughts on “a service dog listening ?

  1. Hope it’s a temporary aberration! Lizzy is an important member of your team. Have a wonderful day, and weather this upcoming storm safely.
    I’d also like to thank you for visiting my humble blog, and your valuable comments.
    Kol tov.

    • i hope so too, yes she is, by the way, since having her, have not fallen in the 11/2 years. will need to read more about this interesting Phenomenon, your welcome, you write very well. and i enjoy reading your blog. take care…perl

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