a determined service dog

this morning lizzy had a surprise play date with two sisters this morning, before they went to school. they wanted to play with her in the backyard/courtyard.

lasted about 3 minutes of running back and forth. than lizzy wanted to sniff out place.

once the girls school bus arrived, took lizzy back inside. well, she plunked herself down on her tushie, did not want to go into the apt.

asked her if she needs to get busy. we took a walk, and a walk, and walk.

lizzy and i did practice not to greet another dog. she did well the first time. thinking i was smart, we walked across the street, just my mazal her comes the same dog.

i did not try hard enough, lizzy broke he sit stay command.

once again we entered the apt building, guess what lizzy did? she plunked herself down, again.

we tried again for another walk. finally i decided to run her at the yeshiva, it is fenced in.

go figure. for about 4 minutes, running in circles.

this time, she entered the apt with not issues. i quess all she wanted to do was run alittle bit…..


3 thoughts on “a determined service dog

  1. Sometimes we all need to “run a little bit.” Lizzy (to your frustration, I’m sure) knows what she wants. I’m sure she’ll go back to being the marvelous service dog she is.

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