snow time for a service dog

as my human handler is attempting to get things ready for shabbat, i will quickly update you all on how much fun i had running, playing, and sniffing in the snow today.

i even played with several children today from the apt. bldg, in the courtyard.

did get my self in trouble, i ate something off the ground that i should not have. this has been a change for both of us. trying though. it is hard not to sniff all those wonderful smells.

anyway, hope you are doing okay, have a wonderful and safe weekend. woof, woof….lizzy.


2 thoughts on “snow time for a service dog

  1. Looks like you enjoyed yourself, Lizzy. The snow was so pretty, I’m happy you got to spend time in it. Everything is good here, Baruch Hashem. Wishing you and your handler a kosher and freilichen Pesach.

    • yes it was alot of fun, and it was pretty until i played in it. glad to read all is well with you. amen, a kosher and freilichen pesach to you and your family. shabbat shalom.

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