! service dog makes me laugh

i had a good laugh today,

lizzy is lounging on the bed as i am preparing a bag of clothes to donate to help our local women, girls, young ladies.

with the holiday of pesach/passover approaching, maybe someone be able to use them, since i can no longer,

you will need a Top Secret Clearance to obtain the reasons,

once i was finish, i placed the bag on the front landing of the apt. my apt is on the first floor. with four steps.

lizzy took her leash as commanded, walk through the door, she seen the huge bag in her place, what does lizzy do?

she decides to walk down the steps, turn around to face me and plunked her tushie down, with leash in mouth.

i had such a good laugh. thanks lizzy.


2 thoughts on “! service dog makes me laugh

    • she does amaze me each day, something different. not good in sharing though, lizzy wags her tail, good luck with the clothes. it was time for me to donate them, it was divine providence i met my friend before shabbas last week. take care and all the best,

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