one of those days:

having one of those ptsd moments, moments, and moments.

did not have the energy to get things started for pesach/passover.

after i took lizzy for her two morning walks, on before breakfast and one afterwards,

went to lay down, lizzy came looking for me, she jumped into bed and we had a good nap.

she laid down next to me, her head on my arm, surprisingly my arm did not go to sleep, with those strange pins and needles feeling.

lizzy much have known, it was an off day for me. thanks lizzy for being here for me, Baruch Hashem..


8 thoughts on “one of those days:

  1. Thanks for sharing this Leslie. Every post about PTSD helps the public understand how this disorder affects people.

    • your welcome, i agree on one hand, the other hand tells me we live in an overload social media society. too much information flowing so quickly, our brains dont grasp the meaning and understanding. feeling a drop better today. rarely i chat about my ptsd.

    • and Baruch Hashem to my family and friends. so true, things will get done for yom tov. May you and your family have a Kosher and Freilichen Pesach also. have a good week.

  2. I think our loving companions mirror us, sharing the burdens of our souls. That’s how they carry on with this ability to unconditionally love us. When I’m up and moving, they are up and moving. When I’m tired and layed back, they find a spot to curl up and layback, also, usually with some part of their body touching mine. I think about that a lot, sometimes. I don’t think I could love anyone with as big a heart as most dogs find it in their very special nature. They seem to “need” this job of “loving”. Hope you feel better, ssgt leslie.

    • wow, well written, thanks for the comforting words, and the wisdom, so very true about our dogs. much appreciated…today was a stressed out day, dealing with kosher for passover dog food. got it resolved. thank goodness. take care of your self. leslie

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