free time for running !

since my mom is getting a drop better, just a drop, sometimes her ptsd lingers around before it tapers off, and she is feeling better.

her trusty service dog, lizzy, will provide a post this evening.

i had not one, not two, but three runs today. they are really quick ones, lasting about 2-3 minutes. that is all i really need at that moment in time.

did you know labradors are one of the fastest sprinters?

runs two and three are in the snow, hooraah. even though it is slushy, it was lots of fun.

now i am ready for bed, woof, woof


4 thoughts on “free time for running !

  1. I’m glad to hear your Mom is feeling better, Lizzy. That 2 to 3 minutes must be true. My three little friends like to run, like you, but not much more than spurts in between finding interesting smells and other people to greet.

    • that is one of my favourites, all the wonderful smells in the air, on the ground, and ah the people to meet and greet. it is challenging for me because when i am working, i suppose to work. labs are sprinters, glad your 3 little friends have fun also. mom is doing a drop better. thanks…

  2. Lizzy, you are taking such good care of your Mom, you play a big part in her feeling better. I’m happy you got out for some runs. Sometimes, a short break for some fun is all we need to be able to do what we need to do. I was interested in your info about labs. It’s one more reason to think you are amazing dogs.

    • dear bubbie, if i may be so bold to call you, i try my best, last night i had a good short sprint of a run. that is all i really need. i am humble you think labs are amazing dogs. maybe one reason why we are used as guide and service dogs.

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