meeting and greeting other dogs

lizzy is doing much better, of course some help of chicken liver motivator.

this morning after lizzy finished her business, i been taking her over to a local yeshiva here in crown heights,

has grass and somewhat fenced in, meaning there is an opening with no door. which is okay. she rarely goes out from the area.

well today lizzy was so excited to play with a beagle, of course she needed to be off duty,

do you know how hard it is to remove a vest from an overly happy dog? it is very challenging.

lizzy and the beagle had a grand time playing. mostly lizzy trying to get the beagle to play with her,

bounce in front of him, running around in circles.

when lizzy plunks herself in the down position, she had enough, it was good 10 to 15 minutes.

time for breakfast.

after our nap, late nights with the pesach holiday and shabbat,

we took a walk up albany ave towards eastern parkway, my mazal, two dogs in front of us.

what happens next, all three dogs are at a corner. the first two dogs, their owners know each other.

i placed lizzy in a sit position, i forgot to say stay, anyway, lizzy is doing really well, considering i did not bring any chicken livers on our walk.

lots of good girl….

we continued our walk, stopping on several occasions for lizzy to do her business, and browse, trying to teach her not to browse.

once we got back to the apt, she is napping. it takes alot out of her, mentally and physically.

enjoy your day….


4 thoughts on “meeting and greeting other dogs

    • yes she did, i too forget that she needs some play time, unwind from the her mind and body on duty 24/6. shabbas she has off. pesach was nice, thanks for asking. how was yours.

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