what does a child and a woman have in common?

both are jewish, the child is 4 years old, can you guess?

okay, i will give you another clue – – 4 legs….

now can you guess what is in common with a 4 year old boy and a woman.

yes, you got it, lizzy the service dog.

lizzy and i was in the lobby chatting with one of our neighbours.

she has, Baruch Hashem, 4 boys, the youngest on the floor laying next to lizzy.

here comes two women, one i know is ”afraid” of dogs, the other, apparently runs in the family, is the sister.

gave lizzy the command to stand, holding her close to me, the woman telling me to move the dog.

i said to her, what to you want from me, i am holding her leash, and the lobby door at the same time.

find it ironic, she must of seen the child laying on the floor with lizzy, we choose to see what we want too.

we all have fear in some shape or form, as i mention to the boy’s mom, mine is ptsd from the combat during my military career.

all i can do is manage my own little world, trying to keep the chaos to a minimum.

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