2 Golden Retrievers left in car while owner watches movie

if you are a animal owner, please do not do this to your pet, how would you feel if your are left in a hot car for hours. let us try to remember animals have a heart, they have feelings also.


2 thoughts on “2 Golden Retrievers left in car while owner watches movie

  1. Mom Kim here – I get so mad when I hear this and I have heard about dogs being left in cars way too many times HOWEVER I think this situation is a new one on me. There are soooo many words I could use to describe this person however irresponsible and immature popped first into mind – irresponsible because of leaving the dogs in a car then immature for doing it while watching a movie and her age (I know, some 18 year olds CAN be very responsible and mature BUT it is quite clear that Ms Bloom IS NOT!

    I am constantly sharing and posting things on my Facebook wall AGAINST leaving you dogs/cats/pets in cars – will the general society ever get it?
    Mom Kim

    • good day mom kim, i hear yah, it is so heart breaking and i too get angry hearing/reading these horrible stories. thanks for all you do in networking and sharing the importance of proper care of our pets. maybe one day, society will wake up.

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