Going to the Dogs (and Cats and Horses and…)

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Everyone loves animal books.  Generations of kids have been enamored of four-legged creatures such as Lassie, Papai (the horse hero of National Velvet), Old Yeller, the canine-feline trio of The Incredible Journey, the runaway primates in Summer of the Monkeys, and so many more.

But animal tales have not gone the way of the cassette tape.  Authors both famous and new to the scene continue to give us memorable stories, true and fictional, about the critters with whom we share this planet.  There is Patricia Reilly Giff’s Wild Girl.  And Eva Ibbotson’s One Dog and His Boy.  For kids who like mysteries, humor, and animals, Doreen Cronin’s J.J. Tully mysteries are a winning combination.   Kathleen Duey’s Hoofbeats series is tailor-made for horse lovers.  Leah’s Pony by Elizabeth Friedrich is a picture book that is so much more.  An uplifting story, all the more so because it is true…

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4 thoughts on “Going to the Dogs (and Cats and Horses and…)

  1. I am an animal lover for the most part, humans I care for the least. Anyway, if you like to read good books and care for fiction . . . There is a Author by the name of Dean Koontz that often writes Golden Retrievers into his books. ( I believe out of fascination of his own Golden Retriever ) They are usually a very good read and very supportive of the dogs portrayed in the book. But, you have to enjoy fiction . . .

  2. I already wrote a comment, but I’m so touched, I’m doing so again! Perhaps, with Hashem’s help, your kind act will result in a new beginning professionally (as I am in need of additional income). Thank you again.

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