public access test for service dog team

today lizzy and i took the metro north to dobbs ferry, ny. ecads training center.
our third public access test.
the test consists of about thirty tasks. a pass or fail.
several examples:
– properly and safely entering elevator doors (meaning i dont get lizzy’s tail caught in the door.)
– loading and unloading from a vehicle (dont drop the lead/leash, dog is either to the heel/side or behind) i find if lizzy is behind me, i can manage easier locating a seat, paying for the fare, etc..
– lizzy not mooching dog kibble or any food after the ground.
– entering and exiting store.
– navigate through a store and supermarket.
– having a stranger pet lizzy
– having the tester take lizzy’s lead and walk away. out of sight. (this tests lizzy’s reaction if i had to leave her for some reason. i needed a mri of my back. lizzy was not allowed in the tech’s room. a woman at the va hospital love’s lizzy. lizzy passed)
lizzy and i are a service dog team. it is official.
was some what nervous, we been working hard  on various commands and her interactions with other dogs.


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