lizzy takes on new dog park

with all the jewish holidays, wanted to treat lizzy to a new and different dog park.

instead of going to the usual 14th and union square. even though union square has a small kiddie pool she like to splash in.

washington square has a built in splash area. she did not like it, sprays water about 1 foot into the air, landing into water bowls.

for her birthday, 24th of sept, 4years young. happy belated birthday. treated lizzy to a new park.

this one is larger, still not fond of gravel. their gravel is smaller, and has a much different feeling on the bottoms of my feet.

also, there is an area where we can hose down our pups. they have a tendency to get dirty.

she had a wonderful time, running and playing with the other dogs.

washington square park, w8th street, nyc, 30sept13

Washington square park, w8th street, NYC, 30sept13


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