semi annual / visit to veterinary

today i took lizzy to for her semi annual veterinary visit. specimens / samples in hand. we checked in for the appointment. a long time family friend came with us. this visit took longer than in the past. lizzy’s results from the samples came back:
ph 9 – urine
urogenital – urinary tract system
sg 1.050 – dilute solute-free specific gravity urine
odor – urine
ultra sound, sediment in bladder
struvite- cocci – crystals in the urine

had to set down for this, what to do, was it my fault, trying to find the right dog food that did not have feather follicles, or fish bones in the dry kibble. the dr and tech are supportive and assured me it was nothing i did. now to get lizzy back on track and feeling better. by looking at her, you would not suspect her not feeling well.
running around, happy go lucky. treatment plan, new dog food. plenty of water, to flush out those crystals, antibotics.
puppy is resting now. good night y’ll.


10 thoughts on “semi annual / visit to veterinary

    • thank you ms basya, i hope so, the dr mentioned it could be caused by several factors. main objective is to get her well. even though looking at her, you would not noticed it. your welcome and thank you, yasher koach for stopping by my blog. perl

  1. You’ve been traveling some recently, which likely means Lizzie’s been drinking from different water sources than usual? … did that factor come up in the discussions perhaps with your doctors? Changes in habits during traveling often have an effect on us, no reason to think they wouldn’t on our dear service companions as well? I give Buster bottled water when traveling, same as me, just as a precaution. Much love my friend, best wishes for Lizzie!

    • not really, will mention it on the next visit. food changes did come up in the conversation but not the water, interesting. the doc does want her drinking more water. not sure how i am going to accomplish this task. i explained that she will drink lots of water at first thing in the morning and be all set until dinner time. did not offer any suggestions. except to change her dog food to royal canin vet prescription. not impress with the ingredients. i contacted flint river ranch pet food from ga, they mentioned that i should use no tap water because of the minerals in it. so, now i use bottled water for her. good point about traveling. thanks stepanie for being my friend and being supportive.

  2. Oh, and also, with all the snow & ice, the regular ‘salt melt’ most use on sidewalks is NOT good for animals! I rinse Buster’s paws off with warm water if he goes out without his protective ‘boots’ on, I don’t let him lick it off, the warnings are pretty clear that it can be damaging to them.

    • yes it is, i use musher’s secret on lizzy’s pads, a thin shmear- and baby wipes also.
      the salt melt’s are chemicals that burn their pads. good thing you use the boots. have not tried it on lizzy. dont think it will work. so we try to avoid those foot paths with those chemicals on it as much as possible.
      fyi, been vacationing here in fla. not sure how she got the crystals or the uti. have a follow up at the end of the month.

      • Watch that she doesn’t lick any antifreeze? I think it forms the urine crystals too … though I’m sure the vet would have mentioned that as a possible contaminant from the lab work … not at all sure what it could be, just tossing out thoughts … any kind of cleansers that might have splashed on a floor & got on her paws & she licked off … accidental drink out of hotel toilet? (I know you wouldn’t let her on purpose, but they can do some strange things on their own sometimes when we least expect it!) … prayers for her recovery, I know how special she is as part of your life!

        • all good ideas and suggestions. lizzy will have to lift up the toilet seat if she is that thirsty. the vet really did not give me too many suggestions or ideas except it was nothing i did wrong. maybe i should get a second opinion. thank you stephanie and you take good care of yourself and buster.

          • The vet’s right, not your fault for sure … I know you take as good care of her as I do Buster … probably better, because she gets a LOT more exercise than I’m able to give Buster! As for a 2nd opinion, maybe just ask another veterinarian to look over the test results & ask how they interpret them & what might have been the cause? Tell them what you’ve done to change things up?

            One thing I’ve noticed is pet supply manufacturers aren’t too forthcoming about changing ingredients .. if they got a ‘cheaper’ product from a different source (say from China instead of USA) & substituted it, as long as it’s the ‘same’ they don’t have to disclose, & that could lead to issues because of different standards for imported grains etc compared to USA versions … I’ve gotten very picky about feeding Buster when it comes to food & treats – I research the ingredients on the supplier’s website, or call if I can’t find what I need to know …

            Buster’s allergic to seafood & I discovered most dog foods contain fish oils as part of the ingredients … I had to research several before I finally found a couple all natural brands that did NOT include seafood even in oil form, and then they still ended up on the salmonella list because of foreign imported products, so I had to start all over again! Fortunately my vet was on the same page as me & found prescription food & dog treats that met Buster’s dietary needs!

            Enjoy Florida, I miss it, especially with the cold we’ve had recently here up north! Keep blogging, I love reading how you & Lizzy are doing & the travel posts are great! hugs my friend 🙂

            • thanks for the reassuring and supportive words of comfort. means a lot to me. dont under estimate your self about the care you give buster. you do alot for her as she does for you. i truly appreciate all the advice and hope buster is doing okay as well as for you. i agree with you with regards to what goes into our pets food. it is so hard and difficult. by the time we finish with researching, the formulas could of changed. glad you like the posts. will try to add more. fla has been cold believe it or not. we had several days of frost warnings. than up to the 80’s no wonder people get sick. i surely do not miss the cold weather. southern yankee i am. friends…

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