walking the fine line

i wonder sometimes if children are cruel to their friends,
do they grow up being cruel as adults?
i find it amazing how many adults are mean using their words,
for me they are walking the fine line of cruelty.
just because of the fun of it, is that why they do it?
does it really matter what color skin, religion, gender, race, disability, etc.
we are all people with feelings.
along with the list of the alpeh-bet government and non government agencies.
such as:
fbi, hate crimes
doj, dept of justice, disabilities
va, veteran
aclu, american civil liberties union
adl, anti defamation league
are they going to hide their selves under the freedom of expression, 1st amendment
is this a reason for me along with millions of veteran and military fighting, dieing, and injuring ourselves.
food for thought.


what are your thoughts, thank you:

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