military emails

thanks to the new dod- dept of defense secretary, hagel, all army military retirees have to remove, transfer, copy, move, your choice, all emails from their server by 31 jan 2014.
the dod gave us a month perform this action.
thank g-d i checked my emails, and an email from wounded warrior project, advising us on the lockdown.
taking me over a week to do this process.
not an easy task, when you had it for so many years. and hundreds of emails.
currently using thunderbird and windows live mail.
copying all my emails from my army folders into the new folders. both applications.
my mazal, several folders have already been corrupted.
thunderdird claims you can repair the folder. but it is a no go. not working.
those emails may be lost forever.
click here for more information.


2 thoughts on “military emails

    • thank you, yes it is. still working on it. some of the emails are not copying over to the new folders. still have to change all the accounts from the old to new email address. another task.

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