snow v sun

something or someone, depending on how one looks at it.

g-d has other plans for me and lizzy.

last tuesday the flight been canceled from atlanta to nyc because of snow for two days in the northeast.

now tomorrow, the flights may be canceled because of snow in atlanta.

since both times, monday before flight, the time to check in, i look at the weather. check the airport alerts, and if the airline is offering to cancel or reschedule the flight.

i am all in for it. why make my self crazy and stressed over it. would not be happy campers stranded at the atlanta airport.

it is massive, was thinking if the uso is still open there. i remember after my deployment, they have a decent uso lounge.

bottom line, for me personally, if the airline is willing to reschedule my flight, fee wavered, i will take them up on the option.

to that end, lizzy and i will be here in fla resting and relaxing. until than, good night, sleep well.


2 thoughts on “snow v sun

    • turns out the flight was delayed, leaving atlanta, and a few been canceled after my flight, and now several more flights have been delayed. it is not worth the stress nor it is that major for me to be in brooklyn this week, another few more days. BH all is well. be safe, warm, and careful.

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