lizzy’s visit to the vet

lizzy at patrick airforce base vet clinic, 28jan14@1151am

lizzy at patrick airforce base vet clinic, 28jan14@1151am

today’s visit to the vet is a followup for her crystals, urine issues.

as we were waiting for dr sloan to pop in,
lizzy looked so sad in this picture.
i tried to comfort her, that all will be okay

dr sloan, pafb veterinary treatment facility, was encouraging and hopeful.
she said lizzy looks great, and she is doing better.
not totally cleared, will call tomorrow with the lab results.

so far:
ph is at 7,
no odor,
some crystals, they used the second sample
lucky for me, lizzy decided to leave a number one prior to going into the appointment.
i was a prepared solider, paper cup in hand, swooped in and got the sample.
left ear, a little pink, she was scratching,
weight is 48.4 pounds, they moved the scale.
will check at the local publix here in town this week.

no mention of continuing the prescription food,
will continue to transition her to flint fiver ranch, fish and chips.

she is resting now, with the visit to the vet, the heat/humidity, walk, she is one tired pup.


4 thoughts on “lizzy’s visit to the vet

  1. Sounds positive overall, natural for our pups to feel stressed under those circumstances. Buster’s currently being tested for Cushing’s Disease after lab work showed some anomalies combined with some symptoms, He has a followup on Friday for a definitive test. I will continue to keep you both in my thoughts and prayers.

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