ny harbor vamc and service dogs

my own personal experience with working with staff doctors and employees concerning paperwork to for my service dog, lizzy, is a daunting task, stressful, and anxiety provoking process.
the the latest article claiming the va is going to have a contractor process and provide the service dog health coverage is interesting considering the va has no press release on it according to their website.
though alot of chatter on facebook.
because of the daunting task to have our service dogs added to our medical file.
prosthetic dept and rehab are not in sync. at least the ny harbor is not.
also, i found out the hard way,
that almost 90% of my cprs vista notes do not mention anything about being accompanied by a service dog.
i found that amazing,
pt rep told me to make sure at each visit, have the resident doc annotate in my records.
now why in the world should i tell the doctor to indicate lizzy, my service dog into my medical records, when it is clear i come into the office accompanied by a service dog.
at this point, i am doing the doctors job, it should go with out saying, that when a veteran comes into the office, with any type of device or accompanied by another person, it should be automatically added to the patients records. well, just what folks, it is not happening at the ny harbor vamc.
and as for as rehab is concerned, the doc yelled at me, told me i dont have a disability and go back to regional
where they gave the disability rating.
the chief of their dept acknowledge the fact a memo was given over a year ago about service dogs.
nothing has been done about it as for as training their docs. or the paperwork involved in pursuing the service dog request.
no wonder veterans dont want anything to do with the va.
the way the staff yell, talk down to us.
it is unacceptable and try to get pt rep to intervene is a no good. at least at the ny harbor.
thanks for letting me vent. on this topic.


2 thoughts on “ny harbor vamc and service dogs

  1. Good Grief! That’s awful!
    Yes, you’re right, all the military times and the veterinary digest have released the new veterinary care insurance for service dogs, showing it effective as of January 27, 2014 … and ZERO information out of the VA whatsoever in the form of any kind of notification to anyone!
    As for the service dog annotation … it should be a sticker or a stamp right on our medical file folder, same as ‘ALLERGY’ or ‘FALL RISK’,.
    It should be a simple matter to have a universal code written into the system for Service Dog or Guide Dog, that Prosthetics puts in once a Service Dog has been ‘added’ to the patient’s ‘prosthetic inventory’, that pops up on screen at the same time as ALL the other ‘basic’ info does (name, social security #, address, phone number, service dog name/ID, next of kin, etc).
    How fricken hard can it be!!! Oh wait .. that would require the VA to actually HAVE a service dog policy in effect VA wide .. WHICH THEY DON’T!!! They’ve left it to each individual VA Region, Hospital, & CBOC, to come up with their own individual policies regarding service dogs .. or . none at all!!! Most haven’t bothered with anything!
    I suppose that’s good for someone such as myself with an owner trained SD, because I never have any trouble taking him with, at least, not to date …
    The way I see it, the only difference between you & I with our service dogs, is that you should not only have ZERO issues with access etc concerning Lizzy, you should also be qualified to have her veterinary care completely covered under the new VA medical veterinary insurance program. As Buster was owner trained, I don’t qualify.
    Thanks for letting me add my rant to your vent!

    • regardless on the status of how our dogs were trained. the fact remains, the doctors, prosthetic dept and central office dc are not in sync with the policies and procedures. been battling them for over 2 years now. no one wants to take the quote ” responsibility” to sign off on the paperwork. not sure if i am up to continuing this battle. my pleasure, i enjoy your comments, and thanks for listening to my vent.

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