Heart Healthy Tests for Pets

Fur the Love of Pets

In addition to being National Pet Dental Health Month, February is American Heart Month. Veterinary patients suffer from heart disease, although coronary artery disease, which is common in people, doesn’t occur in dogs and cats. Even so, cardiologists at The Animal Medical Center use a variety of diagnostic tests to determine if their patients have heart problems requiring treatment.

The stethoscope has been around since the early 1800s when it was invented by French physician René Laennec. Every veterinarian has a stethoscope and they use their stethoscopes to determine the heart rate, heart rhythm and heart sounds. Abnormal heart sounds, also known as murmurs, may be “innocent” or of no concern. Innocent murmurs are most commonly heard in pediatric patients. In adult dogs and cats, the development of a heart murmur typically indicates leaky heart valves. If your veterinarian hears a heart murmur, consultation with a board certified veterinary cardiologist for…

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2 thoughts on “Heart Healthy Tests for Pets

  1. Hi, Leslie! Hope things are going well with you and Lizzy. Thank you again for your post and information to help educate others about Service Dogs and flying. Things here are great. Have a great week! Deb

    • hi ms deb, going okay, been out of the loop for awhile, going to try to play catch up here with the blog. your more than welcome, it is my pleasure. all about education. glad all is great by you. have a wonderful weekend. L/L

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