Thank You

just a quick note to thank you all for following my blog, the adventures of lizzy and i. it is truly appreciated. may we only continue to support each other in positive ways. for me personally, brings comfort to both lizzy and i. take care and all the best in all of your endeavors.


4 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. You’re so welcome! As we’ve just returned from the Caribbean island where my husband was born and grew up to visit the cemetery where his parents are (his mother’s first yahrtzeit was Sunday), we’re re-acclimating to winter. Our flight was cancelled due to the latest snowfall, but we did not complain about spending an extra day in the tropics.

    Have a wonderful Shabbos.

    • wow, i hear what your saying about the weather. last 3 weeks my flight has been canceled due to weather in ga, nyc, glad you made it home safe and sound. baruch dien emet. sure must have been difficult staying another day. insert laugh here, have a good shabbas, perl

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