Hashgacha Pratis*

Today as Lizzy and I were leaving Basil restaurant, located on Kingston Ave, Brooklyn, a familar face. But could not remember her name.

We worked for the same company in Boro Park until 2001. Briendy K. was my boss and she looked the same, beautiful and smart.

Never know whom one wil meet nor where. Of all the Kosher restaurants that are abundantly located throughout the five boroughs, here in Crown Heights is the one.

We chatted for a few moments. Than Lizzy and I left them to enjoy their meal.

Wonderful to see my former colleague and she will send my regards to our mutual coworkers.

Hashgacha pratis, the literal meaning of these two words are “private/individual watching.” We are taught by the sages that everything that happens to a Jew, everything s/he sees, hears, feels or learns happens for a special reason. There is no chance; there is no coincidence. Everything that occurs is ordained by Heaven, and even if we dont understand why it happened, we know it happened for a reason.

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4 thoughts on “Hashgacha Pratis*

  1. There is always that feeling when you seee someone out of context (where you typcially see them) that you can’t quite pace them. It’s always fun to run into an old friend or a coworker you liked. Cheers

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